Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update - 30 days trial of waking up at 4.30am

Today is the 5th day of my trial. Currently, I am still sticking well to it ^_^. Most of the nights I will sleep around 10pm except for last Sunday which I slept at 12.30am. However, I was still able to wake up at 4.30am due to the tactics I shared the other time.

So far, I loved the idea of waking up at 4.30am as the air is cooler and it is quieter. I am able to have more time too! More reading, more writing, more web surfing, more time to do the things I wanted. What else can I ask for ^_^.

Health wise, I am visiting the toilet more often than before. As compared to the past, now I am going to the toilet at least 2 times daily. It feels great to be able to remove impurities from my body more frequently now.

Its been fun ^_^

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