Monday, July 19, 2010


It is more than a month since my last post. How come!? Well, I have been pretty busy later.

I have just started my new job as an AED (Allied Educator) in a primary school. What does an AED do? Basically, we are assistant teachers who handle smaller groups of students who are either academically weaker or require special attention. Having no teaching background, I have quite a number of things to catch up on.
Beside picking up new knowledge, I continued exercising everyday (alternate between gym and jogging). On top of all these, I have Hapkido, Hip Hop Dance and acting classes to go to.
That is a lot of dishes on my plate isn’t it haha. It does make me missed the days where I am unemployed, having all the time to allocate doing what I want. Well, at least now I am bringing in cash to further my learning and I really love teaching. So no complains!
Till date, I am still a vegan and I had not lose any muscle mass as contrary to beliefs.
Till next time then ^_^