Monday, June 15, 2009

How to travel around the world cheaply

I will like to share on this amazing opportunity to travel cheaply and learn new things along the way.

The magic is WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Wwoof is world wide network which farmers come together to share the message of sustainable farming. They offer lodging, meals, farming advices and experience life of locals. In return, we as Wwoofers will provide manual labor to help them out in their farming activities which usually lasts 6 hours a day. In short, all you have to pay for is your air tickets and miscellaneous expenditure such as souvenirs. Note: There is a subscription fee to become Wwoofers though.

I first learn about this from Niki and I wonder how amazing it is. It has hosts in almost all the continents in the world. Imagine traveling around the work without paying for your accommodation and meals while learning valuable skills along the way. It is ridiculously cool! LOL!

In our trip to Japan this October, we are trying to link up to at least 2 Wwoofer hosts to get back to the nature and learn more about organic farming. Not to mention the free lodgings and meals... heehee....

Hope this information is helpful to you who loves traveling.

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