Friday, June 19, 2009

Life After Death

What is your thought on Life After Death? Some believe that we either go into Heaven or Hell depending on the sins we do. Some believe that we will reincarnate till we experience all sort of life. Some believe we will born into animals, trees or men depending on our karma. Some say there is no life after death. We just vanish out of existence after we die.

Heaven and Hell
What do you think? I personally had been through several different belief transition myself. When I was a child, I grew up believing everything my parents told me. The belief which they taught me was that we go to hell after we die. There are several levels of it depending on the sins which I have committed. The deeper the sins, the deeper the level. In there, we will experience the same torture over and over again till we are cleansed and then we ascend a level till we are eventually cleanse of everything and become living things again.

I was living in constant fear in those years. In fear of spiritual beings, wondering when will I offend them. In fear of gods' wrath (there are so many of them), constantly avoid doing things that may make them unhappy. In fear of not listening to parents, since they seemed to know all the rules and one of the rules is to listen to your parents' command. I am also in constant feeling of guilt and fear if I did anything wrong according to the commandments.

Don't get me wrong. They are wonderful parents who I am grateful to be born into as their child. They taught all they knew which they had learn from their parents whom most probably learn the same thing from their own parents..

As I grew up, through the exposure of with other religions, I started to find the belief absurd as it seems that every religion has a different version of hell. Many of them claimed that they are the only truth and if you believe in another you are condoned to hell. It makes me wonder that what kind of hell do I have to serve eventually if I switched to another religion. Which one has the power to decide? How is it decided on which version of hell that I will serve? Chronological? The one that I make the most sins? The religion which I hold on my deathbed or each of them will have a piece of me to torture with.

Even their versions of heaven varies. Some are on clouds, some do not. Some have a bureaucracy up there, whereas some have a omni-being with children. It is just too complicated. I also started to question if there is God, why do he/she demands our love and compliance if he/she is so omnipotent. Why do disasters happened? Why do good people die and bad one lives on? Do they enjoy watching this?

Leaving all those beliefs behind, I became a atheist. Strangely, it became more powering. I am no longer trapped by rules that makes no senses at all. Life became a relief. Contrary to beliefs, I do not need commandments to be a good person. As I know that when we pick up one end of the stick, the other end get picked up too. That is natural law – consequences.

I also started to adopt the model that when people die, they go to a 3rd dimension. The only reason why we can't see them is because of the different frequency which we are using. Like a radio, we can only pickup a channel at the correct frequency. That is why animals and some people are able to see spirits. In that world, we just live like what we are doing now.

This model worked for me for a while until I wonder whether if I still exist in any form in that world. Do I continue doing what I am doing now? What about the physically possession I have now? Do I have to gather them again over there? What about my friends and family? Do they automatically appear in front of me when I die or do they have to travel to find me? I realized that this model was built upon the my atheist model in which things stay the same even after death. Atheism can't explains the miracles which happens in real life and also lacked the peace and love where some spiritual people naturally exhibit.

Becoming Light
Eventually, I adopted the idea of going back to the source after we die. Becoming what we are formed in the first place – Light. We become the wonderful light and experience immense love again in the kingdom of heaven regardless of what we have done in our life. As God created us to experience life. Life is just an expression of experiences.

However, this again does not explains fully what is my purpose of being here. Why am I born into this being called Andrewson and not any others? Why in this particular identity? It does not explains also why do we have cases of phenomenon where we have strong negative forces (ghosts) lurking around. If we are go back to become light, why they stayed? What makes them stay?

Soul purpose
Other ideas such as Soul Purpose comes along. It attempted to explain the reason why we are born to a particular family is to fulfill our soul purpose. This is good too, however being a left brained person, it does not give me clear steps on how to discover my soul purpose.

What if I am unable to define it or mistaken it? Do I have to review my life sadly when I die because I did not attain my soul purpose? Do I have to redo it all over again until I fulfill it? Is all soul purposes predetermined? Why can't I determine my own one? It just seems to lack freedom if everything is predestined and seems too risky.

Finally, from an Ah Ha experience yesterday, I realized my answer. I was jogging and listening to Steve Pavlina's pod cast on Life, The Universe and Everything. From the pod cast, Steve got me to ponder on what are the things that we can bring with us when we die. We are definitely not going to be able to bring any physical acquisition we have. Such as money, house, clothes, businesses, titles...... Come to think about it, ain't it sad if we spend all our life trying to own these things and ultimately let go of all when we die. Don't get me wrong, its nice to have or acquire them while you are alive. But using all of the my life to acquire them doesn't seem so right now since we will lose them anyway.

So what can we bring over? The only possible one is consciousness. The level of consciousness which we are experiencing at the time we die. Everything is perceived in our level of consciousness. Our eyes get the information.. But it is our consciousness that tell us we see that thing. Everything and anything exist is subjected to our consciousness. Currently, I am unable to prove that anything exists without my consciousness. Please let me know if you do as I will be glad to find out.

With the physical form gone, we are left with nothing but our consciousness. Imagine such a life. It will be exciting! We can go to any place we want just at a blink of thought, we can travel through time, materialize any thoughts and all the possibilities!!! However, this comes with a catch too. In our consciousness, we bring along with us our limiting beliefs and fears. How can this be? Limiting beliefs are much more powerful than we thought them to be. In our real life, how many of us had not been doing what we really wanted just because of some limiting beliefs. We may say that well..... it will be different if we know everything is possible... But the fact is, in reality, everything is already possible. If we believe wholeheartedly that we are made in the image of the Creator/God, we are able to create anything we want in life! Let me share with you my personal experience I had with limiting beliefs even though I know everything is possible.

A week ago, I had my first lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is about having a dream where you are conscious enough to know that it is a dream. Once you are conscious, you can do anything you want in it. Even though I knew that it was a dream and anything is possible, I did not fly but floated because I did not believe I can. At one point, I even self sabotaged and lost my consciousness in the dream due to my doubts in my creativity to make the dream more fun. How sad and disappointing is that. When I imagine my Life After Death to that way.... I can't help feeling constraint and sad for my soul when I supposed to be creative.

That is the reason why we have souls that are trapped in their own hell due to their level of consciousness. That is why we have negative energies lurking in ghost houses unable to let go of their beliefs that they have to be trapped there forever.

Looking at it, the only asset which we will ever and only own is our consciousness. Everything else faces extinction. Therefore, the best thing we can do for ourselves and others is to raise the level of consciousness we are having. Overcoming the fears and fully experience life in whatever way we will like to experience is the best way to live. It is too sad to deny our own wants and needs just because of our limiting beliefs. We are created here as human beings to experience and to raise our level of consciousness. The level of consciousness will be the level of experience we going to have in our life after death.

It is my purpose in life now to overcome my fears that are unnecessary. It is my purpose now to raise my level of consciousness and the experience everything that life has in place for me. It is also my purpose now to serve others in raising their level of consciousness and their ability to enjoy life. Tiny steps at a time can make a big difference in life. Join me on the journey to a Life of Courage. From what I see, there seems no better ways to live one. Come on, lets have fun with life ^o^

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