Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love Which Transcend Species (Pipi)

Last Valentine, a new member had joined our home. Tan Pipi, a Shih Tzu. His has an uncanny ability to cure anyone (especially ladies) of dog phobia once they come in contact with him. My explanation for this phenomenon is that it may be linked to his birth date.... A Casanova reborn? Neither does he scratch or bite furniture. Amazingly he will stay on the sofa automatically when we are mopping the floor and will stay up the whole day to wait for my Dad to come home when he goes out... LOL enough of singing praises about our dog, what I will like to share here is a story with Pipi which shows me what unconditional love is.

I was down with fever on the 12 June 09. As such, to recuperate, I had to keep resting. When I came home in the morning, it was as if that Pipi can sense that I was unwell. He kept following me around, waving his tail and looking at me. After my drink, I went to rest. I realized that he kept coming into my room and stayed around. That had never happened before especially when my Dad was around. He would stay close to my Dad, wanting him to play. At first, I thought this may be a coincidence. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.

I was awaken by something pushing my fingers and I realized that it was Pipi again. When I walked to grab my drink, I found out that my Dad had went out since noon. I was shocked with Pipi's action as it had been a routine that every time my Dad went out, he would be staying close to the door awaiting for him to come back. But this time, he chose to stay in the room with me for the whole day. Every time, when I woke up, he was beside me. I had no doubt that he was trying to take care of me. It was as if he was saying, 'Don't worry, I will take care of you. I will be here till you get better ^_^'. It lasted throughout the day until I became better eventually and he went back to his routines of playing, waiting for my dad, eating...

Pipi's action has really touched me and gained me new perspective on animals. Who says that animals can't think or express love. Who says that they react to external stimulus only. Pipi has shown me love which transcend species. He has shown me that he can make decision and he had made one to stay with me.

P.S. Show your Love when you have the opportunity. It does make a difference. Just as Pipi did. Beware if you don't.... As Tan Pipi is watching........ *Woof!

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