Friday, June 29, 2007


Was reading steve's blog and it gave me a new perspective.

Intelligence can be trained. The more challenge/new things you participate in, the better your intelligence grow. He state the example of Leonardo Da Vinci. People think that he is a genius as he can do many things, from painter, engineer, scientist, inventor. To Steve's perspective, he is a genius because of the vast variety of activities he got himself into. In short, he is clever because he did so many different things. Interesting? It strengthen that we can train intelligence. we are not doom to a level

Information about Hep B

Hep B is a infectious disease that causes scarring on the liver, in time possibility of leading to liver cancer/failure. The virus is spread when the blood of an infected person goes into the other.It does not transmit through sharing of food, saliva, kissing, coughing or hugging. It can last outside body for 7 days and still capable of causing infection.

Possible symptoms of infections are:
- Bloating of stomach
- Yellowing of skin and white of eye
- Tiredness
- Loss of appetite
- Nausea
- Dark Urine
- Joint Pain

When you are 1st infected with Hep B, its named as acute stage. 90% of ppl will recover and gain lifetime hep B immunity. 10% will develop into chronic hep B stays throughout life, which is the one we want to avoid.

I'm sharing this as not knowing how the details had once left me traumatized when I was helping Rou with her dad. I would have reacted differently if I know how difficult it is to transmit and reduce the unnecessary fear. It gave me a good lesson if facing diseases. Learn as much as we can get from it and you will know how to deal with it for the right way.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Negative and Postive thinking

Was running through my email on Monday and I got an mass email from my VP stating that there is a meeting on Tues 9am. At the end of the email, he added "Andrewson - can you take notes please? Thanks!"
When i first look at this sentence, I felt that he was being sarcastic and single me out as the only person who has to take note that the meeting existed. -negative thinking. 10 mins later I get myself together to think that he is just being nice just in case i missed out the email.(which i do sometimes). - positive thinking
However during the real meeting, all he wanted me to do is to take notes of the meeting.
Moral of the story, neither negative or positive thinking can bring you to the truth. Both of them coloured you perception of truth that is out there.
Best look below and ask whats the truth

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Reality My Creation

When there is no Out there and I'm responsible for everything created in my life, what did I asked for that Rou's dad got the cancer again. What do i want to experience.
Frankly speaking all i tok at 1st was backing out, why the hell did this happened, why did it happened to me, am i obliged to help, etc etc etc. Not including all the future "reality" which i came up with.

My girl was doing much better than me at that time, she pondered about the question which i phased out in the 1st paragraph. Now i can see how am i responsible for this creation.
I always hope that they can improve their dietary and their health, which was made possible when they see what it did to their dad. Its for myself to remember the importance of health. Coz of her dad, i got back on supplements, conscious choice of meals and exercise regularly. It starts me back on the route of self-consciousness. It got me to see my own reflection and to look at Uncle as a cute person.

I'm thankful for what happened.
Thank you God, thank you uncle

God Send Us Nothing But Angels

Everyone that comes to our life, is here to assist us to learn something which we asked for.

Slow Death

Recently Niki's dad was paralyzed below the hip with no sign of recovery. It was the cause of his liver cancer which spread to his spinal cord and created a tumor. After removing the tumor, it seems the nerve cells ard the spinal cord had been damaged, resulting in the disability.
From that day onwards, he lost all the privileges to walk, to lay down as his wish without ppl helping and all the trivial things which we had been taking for granted(like changing of own cloth). imagine that you cant even go to pee on your own.... unable to scratch ur toe when it is itchy... Many of us had been taking our body for granted. It seems as if nothing will ever happen to us. We have the mindset that things will only go mildly wrong when we are 50 plus (abit of hypertension, eye blurriness, back ache). And if anything did happened, it will only be to us and it will be swift.

It don't seems to be that way at all. When you lose ur health, it will usually go very slow and no one can really be certain of the time when reaper come knocking at your doorstep. It dont go mildly wrong also, it will usually be dead serious. Stroke, Cancer, diabetes, lose of eye sight, osteoporosis, any degenerative disease you can think of. And believe me, they seldom cause swift death. So don't go thinking, if it hits i will die clear, without affecting anyone. Death is not as easy as it is said.Many times, you cant just die.

None of these diseases starts suddenly too.... its a cumulative result, which starts from the day when you are born. Please don't go thinking since im only 30, i still have 20 years to afford.
So please... anyone who had read this blog. please please, start taking caring of your health. Its hard to get it back once you lose it.