Wednesday, June 17, 2009

100 things to do before you die

Came across this when I was reading Good Paper. It is a fun exercise which makes you think about what you really want to do so you won't be regretting badly at your deathbed. Ohh come on... All of us will die anyway....Since we are all dying might as well have fun during our time here.

So enjoy the game ^_^
Tips for playing the game: It is easier when you do it with the mindset "What will you do if you know nothing will fail".

Here are my personal 30 just not to bore you to death and give you an idea.
1) Bungee Jump
2) Visit the seven wonders
3) Plant a forest
4) Run a full marathon
5) Write & Publish a book
6) Impact a million people's life positively
7) Black belt in Akido
8) Write my own songs
9) Sponsor a kid in 3rd world country
10) Do public speaking
11) Able to speak and write 5 languages
12) Have a house by the sea
13) Become a Millionaire
14) Trek Africa's nature reserve
15) Participate in disaster relief
16) Be a guest in Wwoofer program
17) Skydiving
18) Travel around Europe for 6 months
19) Win a dance competition
20) Write my own vegan cookbook
21) Become psychic
22) Do rock climbing
23) Meet Steve and Erin Pavlina
24) Build a blog that has million readership monthly
25) Swim with dolphins
26) See a wild whale
27) Fly a plane
28) Become raw foodist
29) Find a cure for color blind
30) Trek deep caves

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