Monday, July 19, 2010


It is more than a month since my last post. How come!? Well, I have been pretty busy later.

I have just started my new job as an AED (Allied Educator) in a primary school. What does an AED do? Basically, we are assistant teachers who handle smaller groups of students who are either academically weaker or require special attention. Having no teaching background, I have quite a number of things to catch up on.
Beside picking up new knowledge, I continued exercising everyday (alternate between gym and jogging). On top of all these, I have Hapkido, Hip Hop Dance and acting classes to go to.
That is a lot of dishes on my plate isn’t it haha. It does make me missed the days where I am unemployed, having all the time to allocate doing what I want. Well, at least now I am bringing in cash to further my learning and I really love teaching. So no complains!
Till date, I am still a vegan and I had not lose any muscle mass as contrary to beliefs.
Till next time then ^_^

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little separation is better than a new marriage (小别胜新婚)

Yahoo! Yeah! My girlfriend Niki is finally coming back from Japan tomorrow. It has been 1 month and 2 weeks since we are forcibly separated by her choice *roar!*. While I came back for reservist, she continued to stay until now -_-. Gonna bite her when she comes back lol.

Frankly speaking, though I missed her like crazy, this little separation did a lot of good for both of us. Firstly, needless to say that we longed for each other and that rekindled the love passion (burning with ferocity~ ouch!) and make us cherish each other more. When you are around each other for too often, you start to take each other for granted (Isn't that the reason why we usually take our family for granted since they are always around?) So I guess that is the Chinese saying, 小别胜新婚 holds true to its words.  Secondly, we both grew in our own ways.

For me, I had my first experience of taking the plane alone. Yeah, mock me lol. What to do.... I had never traveled overseas alone before. All my experiences are either with my parents or mostly with Niki. I just followed the flow that's all. So it gave me a feeling that I had grown up a little. ^_^ 

Secondly, I took up courses and activities which I mostly likely will not do when I am with her. The reason is that we are like Siamese twins (always sticking together). Other than work time, we are mostly around each other. When we planned for any course, it must fit both our schedule which make it more difficult to source. In the end, we did not have our own individual pursues. Due to this opportunity, being away from each other forces us to find our own activities for our free time. And I found lots of activities for myself such as Hapkido, drawing, watching Who's line is it anyway, swimming, learning Japanese.... woah I'm packed lol. I am now happier than ever, knowing that I am actually growing in my soul again.

Thirdly, there is a strong motivation to show her how had my physique changed over the month. It pushes me to do my best during my weights training so I can wow her with my body. The greater the shock, the greater the accomplishment. ^o^

As for her, you will have to check out with her. Last I heard was that she lost 5 inches on her waist due to her extensive strolling everyday. Oh my god! To me that is an amazing feat considering the fact that she been trying to do it for years and wasn't able to achieve it.

So people, if next time you feel that your relationship has come to a stagnation or feeling like having a change. try getting away from each other for at least a month. See how it rekindle the flame and create amazing things for each of you. ^_^

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun with Words (My Rest Day)

Was thinking about when should I set my rest day for my week when I suddenly felt the urge to just have fun writing a poem lol.

So here is it.

Warning! I am a bad poet (and its fun being one). So read at your own risk. ^o^

My Rest Day
Today is my lovely day,
To keep everything at bay.
Oh~ I feel so happily gay,
To use it as my wonder hay.
This is my one and only day,
So please don't block my lovely way.
I may sound a little hey,
If I'm feeling big okay. 
Or else I just freaking may.......
Make sure that you pay and lay %@#^%$

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When Bad isn't Bad

How bad is bad? Is bad really bad? How do you define bad? What is bad? Interestingly, I had this thought recurring in my head while I was swimming today.

We often associate bad with something that is poor or negative. He is a bad performer. She is a bad singer. He is a bad speaker. There are lots of things that I am bad at now. Basketball, soccer, drawing, playing guitar, dancing... Errr I better stop here.... I have too much to list and I don't want to get finger clamps.

The thing is, whenever people think that they are bad at something, they will normally avoid it. Often they had only tried once and then self-proclaimed that "Damn! I am bad at this." Then you will not see them doing it ever again. If you ask someone to dance, draw, paint or give a speech on stage, the respond will be most likely be, "No, I am bad at it."  I know because I am a member too (still mustering the courage to try more and more things I am bad at).

Why is it that way? Through reflection, I realized that when we defined ourselves as bad in something, we are normally saying that we are stupid in it or I looked like an idiot doing it. Ego wants to protect itself at all cost. We have very negative association with the term 'bad'. The truth is, bad is not necessary that bad.

Being bad in something actually only mean that we lack practice not talent. It is not saying that there is something wrong with your IQ. Will you laugh at a baby for being bad at talking when the only word that she can only say is MmmMmmaaaMaamaaa. Will you despise a toddler for being bad at walking if he continuously falls over while learning how to move his legs? No? Then why are we doing it to ourselves then? Doing it to each of our very own fragile and sensitive inner child. We ain't stupid. We are just not skilled enough that's all. Thank God that in those days I do not think as much as I do now. Or else, I will not even know how to speak or walk now! I may be thinking, "Oh what the heck, I suck in this! I never going to do it again!" Hallelujah......*Head bowed, thanking from the deepest of my heart* Whew...Even though I am still bad at English now... BUT! It is just due to lack of training and listening. I can improve. There is nothing wrong with my brain. ^_^

We all started out being bad in whatever we do. I started from sinking and paddling like a dog until being able to swim 20 laps non-stop today. It just takes time and repetitions. Secretly, I can even consider myself as an artist now. Just a bad artist that's all. Well at least I am an artist! :OP

So don't be afraid to be bad at anything. Start trying what you are bad at today. You may love it just as I love learning new language and martial arts now (I always considered myself to slow and stupid to learn any of those). Like a baby, we all started doing badly. And like a baby, we should all have fun. So please protect your inner child. ^_^

Have lots of fun.