Thursday, June 25, 2009

30 little things we can do to help Earth today

Why help Earth? Err.... Because we are living in it. Because our children are also living in it. Because our future generations are going to live in it. No Earth = No humans. While Mother Earth has always been unconditionally giving us, we did little to give back. Capitalism has always been about take, take, take, take and more taking. Ever wonder why that we are called consumers? It is because we are literally consuming Earth away. It is time that we try to give back and by just doing a little on our part.

I have created a list 30 things below. Yeah I know, it looks overwhelming. However, we do not need to do all of them. Just doing one item will have a profound effect on the well-being of Earth. It is the accumulative factor. Imagine if just one person recycles one plastic bottle per day. Given just 1% of the world population (total 6.7 billion people) does such thing. We would have recycled 24.455 billions of plastics bottle per year. That is a pretty nice figure if you ask me. So come on ^_^. Let's do something for Mother Earth. If we don’t do something ourselves, who will?

Here the list goes.
1)Switch off the lights when not used. Why you need them on anyway..

2)Drink treated used water (such as Newater). The taste is purely conceived by imagination ^o^

3)Use cloth bags rather than paper or plastic bags. Plastic takes more than 400 years to decompose.. How much waste do we want to leave for our future generations?

4)Turn off the running water when you are doing other activities. Why let it run when not using??

5)Use cups when brushing your teeth. You be amazed by how much water you can save..

6)Pickup plastic bottles, papers and metals into the recycle bins when you see them. When your hands get dirty, it can be washed. But if those things get dumped.. Earth suffers.

7)Use less paper.. Try to go paperless. 28 hectares of trees are being cut down every minute just for our need of papers.

8)Turn off your computer when not using. Are there so many things you need to download? Are they even legal?

9)Eat less meat or become a vegetarian. Meat eating is detrimental to our planet. By eating meat, we are basically eating our planet away.

10)Recycle your papers. Use both sides of it.

11)Use recycled papers. The papers may feel thin but why do you need them to be so thick for? Is it more important than our planet?

12)Set up recycle bins in your home and your office.

13)Convince your boss to go paperless. Be creative! Use your charm~ *wink

14)Stop buying newspapers. Today's newspapers today are filled with mostly negative things which isn’t healthy for our well-being anyway. If you really have to... Go to the library...

15)Use power efficient/saving appliances. They cost less actually in long run. Think about the bills you are going to save and the things you are doing for Earth.

16)Share with your friends and families on helping our planet

17)Donate or volunteer to organizations that are trying to help Earth

18)Recycle your electronics. They can be recycled. China is earning tons from it.

19)Eat organic food. Organic farming doesn't use pesticide or fertilizers which also means no pollution to the land or water around. I know… they are more expensive but much healthier and yummy too.

20)Use public transport. Less emission of gases.

21)Change the belief that we are better than nature. The fact is, we can’t survive without nature.

22)Give or sell away your old books. Save trees~

23)Reuse the water when you wash your clothes. Fill it up in pails to flush the toilets or to wash clothes next time.

24)Buy a bigger washing machine to reduce the frequency of washing. It saves electricity, saves water and also saves your time and energy.

25)Raise your awareness on what is happening to Earth. Read up or subscribe to newsletters such as VSS (Vegetarian Society Singapore) and goVeg.

26)Do not litter in nature as they crop up the whole Eco-system. For example, animals are dying due to suffocation from plastic bags.

27)Cook at home as it reduces the use plastic bags, plastics utensils and Styrofoam boxes. If you don't or unable to cook, at least eat out rather than packing it home.

28)Short showers... you be just as clean even after 5 minutes of showering..

29)Use the fans instead of air-conditioners. It is a paradox. Usage of air-conditioners increases global warming and global warming makes people become more dependent on air-conditioners. It is a vicious cycle. Why continue it?

30)Lastly, send this article to everyone you know ^_^.

So what can you do today? Ohh come on, I sure you can do something. ^o^
Until next time, live consciously.

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