Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Law of Attraction - Revisited

It is hard for some people to see that everything that came to their life were attracted by their thoughts. Thoughts are creative energy. When enough is concentrated, it will manifest into being. That is the reason why most thoughts don't manifest immediately. They need time to conceptualize. It is also Universe/God's way of seeing whether that we really want that thought. As a matter of fact, we are blessed that we can't manifest everything immediately... Imagine a world where people just manifesting everything they want. Looking at the level of our consciousness now the sequence of events are likely to happen. First it will be chaos as people are creating anything they want. Then humanity will be destroyed as some tried to overpower the other and created a massive weapon that ultimately destroys Earth. In the past, I had secretly intended many times for bad things to happen to some people which I am glad it didn't.

Recently in my life, I can see duration of the time I set my intention to the manifestation shorten. Many times, when I set an intention for a clarification or an idea, it will be in some article or mp3 which I listen to. If I want thinking of ways to contribute, channels will appear in my email or other aspects of my life. Let me share with you one particular event that happened about 1 week ago.

I am currently into vision training therefore I had set an intention to get hold of as many information I can on them. One day, I was walking home from grocery shopping when I came across a stack of papers lying all around the lane. In the past, I would have just ignored it. But this time, I bent down to collect them as I intended to put them into the recycle bin. I recognized it to be some sort of lecture notes and out of curiosity I wanted to find out what it was. It turned out to be lecture notes about light and the one facing me was on the topic of Optical. What is the odds of this happening???

So have fun with Law of Attraction. It is fun and entertaining if you use it positively. And it definitely exists. Good luck ^_^

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