Saturday, June 20, 2009

More treats for animal lovers (Pipi)

Isn't he cute? Can you feel the love he is exhibiting? Here is a plead to my readers. Only get a pet if you are sure that you have time for them. They need love, care and attention just as any humans need. They will not be able to survive if one day you feel that you have no time for it and decided to abandon it. It feels exactly the same as parents abandoning their child. They will be heartbroken and die sadly knowing that their owners do not want them. Please love your pets as they loved you deeply too.


  1. nicky that is the cutest puppy ever!!!! is he/she yours?? what breed is it?? :D

  2. Hi Joan, I am actually Niki's boyfriend ^_^. Here's her website The puppy is a Shih Tzu named Pipi. Brought into my home last year. He was actually born on last valentine day! Which I guess explains his cuteness ^o^. Btw thanks for complimenting Pipi, he loves to hear people telling him that he's cute.