Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to wake up early everyday

1)Come up with a reason for waking up early. This is important as it gives you the motivation to do it.

2)Plan a list of things which you are going to do when you wake up. If you don't plan, you will definitely go back to sleep due to boredom

3)Begin with a 30 days trial. Making it a lifestyle may seem too overwhelming for some people. Try it for 30 days and see if it fits you. See if there is any reasons for you to go on. In regardless of whether you want to continue on or not, completion of the trial will give you a sense of accomplishment and increases your self-discipline.

4)Make a commitment to wake up at a particular time regardless of what time you sleep at night.

5)Put on a loud alarm which you are unable to ignore it

6)Once you are awaken, proceed to wash your face.

7)Turn on the light as it will reduce your sleepiness when light gets into your eyes

8)Get down to do what you have planned regardless of how you are feeling at the moment. For example, go for a jog if you have planned even if you feel weak. However, you can reduce the intensity. The aim here is “Just do It”

9)Finally, give yourself a pat once you have successfully completed your list. You have done well.

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