Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Life of without meat

Its been nearly 2 months since I started vegetarianism. It has been a lovely journey and I intended to continue for life. On contrary to belief, being vegetarian does not make you weak. In fact I felt much healthier than before. Also it does not need much discipline to hold on to vegetarianism once you have your reasons entrenched. So what are the benefits of being a vegetarian that I experienced so far?

You lose weigh automatically - I had lost 2 kgs since I started. It takes no attempt from my side. No need to exercise or eat less food.

You become better at temper management - There is significant reduction of my impulsiveness to fare up. I am currently able to be calmer.

You feel good about yourself - Feels that I am doing something for Mother Earth and the animals.

You become more compassionate - Seeing animals in a different light. Now i see them as living beings rather than food and I also attempted to understand them more. It is a great change from past where I usually think of how this animal can be cooked once I laid my eyes on them.

You influence your loved ones' dietary habit - Its amazing to see how much vegetables we had in our fridge now and how much more vegetables my family eat nowadays. Yesterday, Niki's mum even cooked delicious vegetarian fried rice for lunch. It is a miracle considering how intact meat eaters her family is.

You are able to make quick decisions on food choice
- It saves a lot of agony and time as compared to the past where I pondering what to eat. Now it is more direct. Vegetables, no meat and healthy food. It usually amuses me to see how undeciding Niki is towards her food. Feeling guilty and at the same time unable to suppress her addiction towards unhealthy food.

You tend to get more people striking conversation with you
- Its an interesting phenomenon to see that strangers opening up to strike a conversation with me, wanting to know why I become a vegetarian. What I eat, how i fare, how i discipline myself etc etc. Haha a great gift if you are usually too shy to break the ice. ^_^

You tend to smell better
^o^ - Haha this is the feedback I get from Niki. I can't prove to you how true it is. I guess it is true to a certain extend as there are researches saying that people who are heavy meat eaters tend to have body odour. (like rotten meat).

You fart less - Its observable in my case that I had farted so much less as compared to the past. Even if I fart, its usually smellness now. hohoho.

Great benefits if you ask me. Too good for me to go back to meat again. ^_^

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