Monday, January 26, 2009

Who Am I?

I am not Andrewson Tan. That is just my name and my identity.

I am not just male and female. That is just my sex. It does not entail who am I.

I am not this physique which is 175 cm and 60 kg. I am not the label that is tall, short, skinny, fat.

I am not Chinese. There is just my race and my skin color. It does not determine who I am.

I am not my history and experience. Those are just my experiences I had in this lifetime. How can I be them since I can be different now as appear from 1 day ago.

I am not my thoughts. How can I be aware of them if I am them. They are just rattling of the mind.

I am the awareness, the consciousness that is observing all these happening. I am what I choose to be. I am the silent observer.

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