Friday, January 16, 2009

Lessons from Family - Wayne Dyer

From his book "Inspiration- Your Ultimate Calling", Dr Wayne wrote the following,

As I readied myself to make the shift from an exclusively spiritual being in the world of particles in 1939, I had the following conversation with the Creative Intelligence I'll call God

God: What would you like to accomplish on this journey you're about to undertake

Me: I'd like to teach self-reliance, compassion, and forgiveness

God: Are you certain this is what you wish to dedicate this lifetime to?

Me: Yes. I can see the need even more clearly now.

God: Well, then, I think we'd better put your little ass into a series of foster homes and have you stay there for a decade or so, where you'll learn to experience relying upon yourself. And we'll remove your parents so that you won't be dissuaded from your mission

Me: I accept that. But what about my parents? Who will best facilitate my life's purpose?

God: You can select Melvin Lyle Dyer as your father. A prisoner, an alcoholic, and a thief, he'll abandon you as a baby and never show up in your life. You'll first practice hating him and seeking revenge, but you'll ultimately forgive him, long after he's left his body. This act of forgiveness will be the single-most important event of your life. It will put you on the path that you're signing up for.

Me: And my mother?

God: Take Hazel Dyer, Lyle’s wife. Her compassion for all of her children will give you an example to follow. She’ll steadfastly work herself to the bone to reunite you and your brothers after ten years or so of her own suffering.

Me: Isn’t it an awfully cruel fate for my father?

God: Not at all. He signed up for this 25 years ago. He dedicated his entire lifetime to teach one of his children the lesson of forgiveness – a noble gesture, wouldn’t you say? And your mother is here to show you how true compassion shows up every day. Now get down there and participate in becoming a particle.


If one is to adopt the mindset that one is responsible for whatever that has happened in his/her life, what lessons or experience were you asking for when you were born in your current family?

From my dad, I had learn to give my girlfriend the freedom of doing what she wants and being who she is. I had learn not to use violence in the mid of anger. I had learn not to adopt favoritism and to put family first. I had also learn from him that smoking, gambling and drinking are both bad for self and the family.

As for my mum, I had learn to be responsible for my own life and stop blaming others for it. I had learn how to cook and do household work. I had learn not to take superstitious seriously. I had learn not to do things in the way just because others say it is the right thing to do. And I had also learn to start doing what I love now or else in time to come, I will regret and felt miserable.

Thank you Dad.. Thank you Mum.. Thank you for being such wonderful beings and dedicating your life to teach me these. Thank you for being my parents ^_^

How about you? What valuable lessons had your parents gave you? Had you thank them yet?

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