Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beware of Milk

Like many other people, I was brought up believing that drinking cow milk is good for our bones and body. Daily industry actually claims that having 3 glasses of milk per day will strengthen our bones and keep osteoporosis away. Look at all the commercials on dairy products in the past and now, all of them tell us that it has calcium and nutritional value that is essential for our health. This belief is so deeply instilled in my parents and most people that even though my brother was allergic to milk, he was served milk nevertheless since it supposes to help him grow.

I remembered days where I had 1 litre of milk almost everyday, thinking that I will become stronger and taller. It is also said having a cup of milk before sleeping helps in sleeping. When the truth came banging in my face during 2004, my reaction was of aghast. It was a magical moment for me at that time, something you believed so strong in for more than 20 years becoming nothing but a fluke of the marketing gimmicks.

Animals produce milk for their off-springs.

Humans for humans, cows and sheep for their calves, dogs for their puppies, cats for kittens, sows for their piglets and the list goes on. Come to think of it, we don't see puppies going for milk of a cat, neither do we see cattle going for the milk of sheep. It is because the nutritional contents are the same species. Humans are the only kind of animal that drinks other species milk. Why is it ok to drink the milk of cow but not of pig, this is one absurd point which I can't comprehend. Humans are also the only species that continue to drink milk even in adulthood. Other animals have already outgrown the need of milk after 1 year or so.

Milk is full of impurities and poisons

Cows are given hormones injections to produce more milk. However, hormones injections result into health complications for the cows in which they are also injected with large amount of antibiotics. Please don't forget to include the pesticides and fertilizers which they took when they ate their feeds. So you get a drink which is filled with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and fertilizers. Not quite as healthy as we thought, don't you think? If you are interested for more information, you can read them here.

Milk does not prevent osteoporosis
On contrary to public belief, milk actually speeds up osteoporosis. Apparently, calcium and animal protein does not work well together. Animal protein actually speed up the loss of calcium as it makes your blood acidic and your body react by neutralizing it with calcium from your bones. So we actually pass out the calcium through our urinal system. Furthermore, absorption of calcium can only happen with the presence of magnesium which milk contains only a tiny amount. There are studies from Harvard Medical schools which shown that women who consumed the most calcium from dairy products broke more bones than those that did not.

There are other calcium alternatives other than animal milk
Many people are unaware that they can actually get calcium from non dairy products. We can get them from beans, broccoli, tofu, grain and green leafy vegetables.

Hope that this helps you in your health and give you a glimpse of what companies will do to earn profits. Tobacco industry had done it once when they claimed that smoking was actually good for health. We now have the dairy industry doing the same gimmick. Be a lookout on what is advertised from the media. Don't take them word by word. Like Mad Eye Moody always say “Constant Vigilance!”

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