Sunday, January 25, 2009

Early Riser – 30 days trial

Today I started my 30 days trial as an early riser which involved waking up everyday at 5.30am. I will just wake up and go for a run and then mediate for 45 minutes or so.

I guess many people will find this absurd haha. I understand and frankly speaking I will too if someone told me about it 1 year ago. I will say “CRAZY!! Can sleep don’t sleep.”

So what is with the change? Hmmm…. For many reasons which I enjoy. Firstly, I seem to get most of my ideas running in the morning. I enjoy my train of thoughts especially during my jog and it gets me doing stuffs which I will usually delay. Secondly, I love the breeze and the quietness at these weeps hours. It is totally different from midnight where there are likely to have some hooligans or gangs prowling around. I can have the entire silent to myself when I mediate. Thirdly, it makes me sleep at 10ish which is said to be the best timing for sleeping as it is where your rejuvenation rate reaches its highest. I guess that explains why on large late sleeper usually seems to have poorer skin and temper conditions.

So let’s go!

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