Monday, April 16, 2007

Self-help Junkies

Was reading steve's blog on self-help junkies and it actually hit me quite alot. Questions go in my mind on "Am I.... Am i not.... am i..." Well fact is that i am. Did the knowledge i gained so far was put into any use? not much of the reality side. So changes maybe... hug my mum, say i love u.. but isnt thats all? Im a boast and more of a person who preach but dun do what he preaches.Preach healthy lifestyle to ppl and my baby, but i dun exercise myself. Preach John n others to follow their heart n go for their dream, im making an excuse that i dunnoe my dream yet. Preach abt cooking, most i teach i havent cooked it before. Even the dishes i declare which i cook werent true. I just want ppl to be impressed by me. how will i reply if they ever ask what have you done before.

Sometimes i even lied abt what i have done or i have not. Friends still just a little. "Name me your friends", my answer will be "John, CW, Max(feel guilty of leavin him out in Usana), Weijun(dont contact much), colleagues and girls? none. woah realli not much huhs... then i will go, good friend one or two can already..Tts just an excuse, im too lazy to maintain relationships.

What to do after knowing
I want some reality to manifest in my life.
Lets start with the most basic. Physical. Wake up every bi-morning for a jog. starting from tomolo. Make a conscious effort keep myself healthy by eating the right food and regular intake of vegetables and fruits. 2 vege n one meat for mixed vegetables rice. bring fruit to work everyday. Theme of my life. Conscious effort. Stay conscious

-Ps learnt one thing from job today. When comes to money especially big sum. confirm their decision with penalties incurred when cancel. Make them think twice before anyhow signing on.

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