Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reflection of self

An interesting topic to think about since it seems to surround my life recently.
Show and books like "The Secret", Conversation with God, Demartini, Vitaloe, Steve Pavlina and to-date therapeutic Counseling

What does the title means? In short, it means that everyone is a reflection of ourselves.
to explain further, its saying that every relationship we have, be it with a lover,a relative,a friend,an enemy,a dog or anything is just a mean to know more about ourselves. What you are saying to others is actually what you wanna say to yourself. For instance, I always tell my girl to exercise and to stay healthy, im actually saying that to myself. When she dun listen, i feel angry but actually not at her, its to myself for not listening to me. Most of the time i grow frustrated with ppl who dare not step out of their comfort zones but deep inside am i frustrated with myself for not daring enuff to venture? yes i do.

Interesting abt reflection is that it goes in both polarity.what you dun like abt others = what you dun like abt yourself. its also goes saying what you like about others = what you like about yourself. hahaha. do you feel so too?

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