Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dinner outing @ Ms Clarity

Organized this dinner with (Rou,John,CW,Jessie n Joan) @ this cafe called Ms Clarity. Its @ pulvis street just opposite Bras Pasar. During our journey there on 147, a commotion happened where an uncle was scolding the bus driver non-stop. from my guess the uncle was unable to pay the bus fare and he became aggressive coz of it. There starts his verbal abusing.After abt 5 mins, unrestness starts to form about the passengers. Some start shouting shutup, some say to each other ask him to get off the bus, some starts pitying the driver but however the thing is no one dares to go up to make him stop even me. Y? fear of getting hurt, fear of losing face if no other helps n fear of trouble. How will i react differently? How will a counselor react in this situation. On the other hand, thanks to the ppl who gathered together to make noise and scare him off, the driver was saved ^_^. As for the questions, need to ponder on it.

Ps. Dun ever go to Ms Clarity @ nite. the wait will exhaust your Will and heart. And if you are looking for a place to chill also.. dun go there.. its as noisy as a rock band concert

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