Wednesday, April 18, 2007

From My VP

VP came to find me today, through he went ard the bushes, basically hes impling that im had not been doing my work fast enuff especially tasks he gave me. At 1st i kept finding ways to defend myself. Be it lying, be it overstating what i had done, be it excuses, at the end of it.. I dont feel good about myself. I know deep in there that im the one not doing my work. My VP had been super nice to me and therefore i had been taking to for granted. Anything he gave me, most of the time i will feel that its not as urgent as other things(which is an excuse actually i just afraid of getting more work to myself by doing what he tasked). Till today, i can see the disappointment on his face. Becoz its the second time i delayed his task already.
Thanks to the meeting we had today, i finally know what's priority and responsibility.

Priority means doing the right thing fast and first. Things like, jobs given by P and VP, do it first. this can actually implied to the four quadant i learnt before, important level and critical level. they go into the important and critical.
Its also time to take on what i should do instead of avoiding the work. Nvr test my limit, i will nvr know or learn how to cope. the fear factor. Anyway i had been spending sometime reading comic now and then. if i have those time it means i can work also.
Day to start afresh. Thank you Andrew(VP) !!!

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