Monday, April 23, 2007

Law of Attraction

Ever since i had learnt about Law of Attraction, things just come to me whether i did it conciously or subconsciously. In the Law of Attraction, everything you think about, you attract. Be it a relationship, a car accident, a crisis and even a bus that is late. Its all our responsibility. Let me quote from Deepak Chopra, "There is no Out-There"
Whether you believe or not, its the truth.

Let me give you 2 of my recent personal experience, not to mention quite a ton non recent ones.
1st one is about Jill Lore International. About 3 weeks ago, Yuanwei went for her grooming session and was sharing with me how good. There i was thinking sounds cool, if only i can go for it too. That thought was actually made subconsciously and i just get to know there this friday, my company actually had this training schedule for us with Jill Lore on "Projecting a Professional Image" haha wonder huh?

2nd experience is on the topic "Discipline". I was thinking on how to train mine(even blogged it down) and this blog just comes to me. Believe me, i didn't even went searching for it.
In short. it works whether im consciously thinking about it or not

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