Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Woke up in the morning tinking maybe i should go running tonite instead. and when i pulled myself to the door, i start thinking i shouldnt run with that 69.90 shoes, wait for the army shoes. Thats when i learn that i have little ounce of discipline inside me. Come to think of it, i dont really understand discipline nor do i train or embrace it. Which brings me to the light that i had not master much things in my life due to the lack of it.
Today shall be the day which i start learning what discipline is all about.
Jogging every morning and 1 hour of reading on things i wanna master everynite shall be the start of the journey to learn.
Discipline.I shall be your disciple. I will embrace you. I will master You. This I Swear To MYSELF. Assist me, Andrewson ^_^

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