Monday, June 7, 2010

Learning Hapkido

Yesterday, I went for my first lesson in Hapkido. It was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed myself a lot. In fact, I like it so much that I am positive that this is the only community center course that I am going to stick till the end. Lol. (Been joining several courses and non lasted)

I had been wanting to learn martial arts for as long as I could remember. However, when I was younger, I doubted my physique and intelligence could handle it. And when I was older, I was too embarrassed to join because in most community center courses, one had to attend it with kids and people much younger than me. The same thoughts kept formulating in my mind. "What if even they can beat me? Will they mock at my clumsiness? What if I am a slow learner?" Blah blah blah blah. As a result, after 29 years, I still haven't master any form of martial arts. -_-

Recently, due to picking up body building and Japanese language, I finally realized that everyone has to start as a total amateur. For example, I can't expect myself to lift 80kg or make a decent conversion with a Japanese chick (Damn!) without any training. It just takes time and effort to master anything and period. No short cuts. Even geniuses started from white belts. I thought if something has to change, it has to be my fear of embarrassment. It has been limiting me a great deal in my life. So? Jump in! How to learn swimming without getting wet right? So I proceeded to sourcing for martial art courses.

As I tend to travel pretty much, I want to learn something that is practical too. Something that I can protect my love ones when in need. When I was checking on the courses, Hapkido jumped out to me. It got me interested as I had never heard of it before. And it is a totall ynew course in my nearest community center. In fact, it is pretty new in Singapore too. As I went You tube to check it out and it got me hooked. It is prominently a defense skill (such as throwing and pinning) but incorporated with strikes and kicks. It is just the ideal art for me! Defend and attack if absolutely needed. That are all the hints I need from Universe to sign up for it. And the aftermath? I found myself in lot of fun. ^o^

Oh ya, there are kids in the course. Actually, I am the eldest other than the two coaches. The second oldest student there is only 16 year old lolz. Shouldn't it be embarrassing as I thought? In reality, no one cares whether you are kicking well enough or not. Everyone is so busy with their own stuffs that no one gives a damn on how you do or looked (except the coaches of course). It reminded me of the phrase, "When you realized how little others think about you, you will think less about how others think about you." How true....How true..... In the end, I had a lot of fun and it actually brings the benefit of being able to busk in the youthfulness of the youngsters. It makes me feel young again ^o^

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