Saturday, June 5, 2010

Going Back to Veganism

I was a vegan from June 09 till Oct 09. I was in Japan during Oct 09 for 2 weeks. Over there, there is a severe lack of vegetarian food. To them, vegetarianism comes with fish. Pure vegetarian is an alien concept to them. In addition, vegetable meals are more expensive than meat itself. For example a single Vege-burger can cost up to 500 yen while a gyuu-don set (beef rice with soup) cost only 290 yen. It also created a lot of difficulty for my uncle when he brought me out to eat because vegetarian food is basically non-existence there. It led me thinking that whether am I creating too much problems for others. To ease the trouble in Japan, I took meat since.

I recalled flaring up easily when I can't seem to find any vegetarian food. Frankly speaking, even in Singapore, most vegetarian food are either too oily or too much MSG. There is also a lack of variety and availability and it often makes me crazy. In addition, they are usually higher priced than other food.

My family members were also worried about my loss of weight. During my transition, I lost 5 kg (Those who want to lose weight without exercising can consider this ^_^). To them, the loss of weight is an unhealthy sign. Therefore, during each meal, I am almost guaranteed a preaching on how taking moderate meat is important too. At the start of November, I gave up and went back to meat eating. (Weak willed... haha) However, deep now I know something is not right.

These few days, I had several messages from Universe that I should get back to my vegan dietary. It is so obvious that I can't bring myself to ignore it. Firstly, the message from 'Man in the mirror' got me thinking about what changes I can make to myself. And today, while I was reading the newspaper, they actually had 28 pages of saving Gaia article! What is the odds of that! The recurring message was, 'Change into vegan dietary to save ourselves, others and Earth.' To reciprocate, I decided that some place, somewhere, someone has to begin it. So why not me? 0_0

So what can I do to overcome the issues I had before (lack of variety and availability). Interestingly, due to my recent journey on body building (1 week now), I am more concerned on the food which I put into my mouth. I am starting to appreciate plain food, that is without salt, oil or sugar. Due to the fact that I have to take several meals, in order to save time and maintain the foods' nutrients, I either eat them raw or steamed. In just a few days, I can feel my tongue evolved. I can actually taste their original sweetness and fragrance which I had never knew before. I guess artificial seasonings are like drugs which actually messes up our taste buds.

As such, the taste and variety aren't an issue anymore. I will prepare my own food wherever I go ^_^. Just raw and steamed food. How much simpler can it be lolz.

You may wonder how is it possible to do body building in vegan dietary? Hee, check this website out. It is possible, just require the effort and discipline that's all. So lets start with the man in the mirror. Its time to make it right again and make my change. ^_^

'I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change'
- Man In the Mirror, By Michael Jackson

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