Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Negative and Postive thinking

Was running through my email on Monday and I got an mass email from my VP stating that there is a meeting on Tues 9am. At the end of the email, he added "Andrewson - can you take notes please? Thanks!"
When i first look at this sentence, I felt that he was being sarcastic and single me out as the only person who has to take note that the meeting existed. -negative thinking. 10 mins later I get myself together to think that he is just being nice just in case i missed out the email.(which i do sometimes). - positive thinking
However during the real meeting, all he wanted me to do is to take notes of the meeting.
Moral of the story, neither negative or positive thinking can bring you to the truth. Both of them coloured you perception of truth that is out there.
Best look below and ask whats the truth

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