Friday, June 29, 2007

Information about Hep B

Hep B is a infectious disease that causes scarring on the liver, in time possibility of leading to liver cancer/failure. The virus is spread when the blood of an infected person goes into the other.It does not transmit through sharing of food, saliva, kissing, coughing or hugging. It can last outside body for 7 days and still capable of causing infection.

Possible symptoms of infections are:
- Bloating of stomach
- Yellowing of skin and white of eye
- Tiredness
- Loss of appetite
- Nausea
- Dark Urine
- Joint Pain

When you are 1st infected with Hep B, its named as acute stage. 90% of ppl will recover and gain lifetime hep B immunity. 10% will develop into chronic hep B stays throughout life, which is the one we want to avoid.

I'm sharing this as not knowing how the details had once left me traumatized when I was helping Rou with her dad. I would have reacted differently if I know how difficult it is to transmit and reduce the unnecessary fear. It gave me a good lesson if facing diseases. Learn as much as we can get from it and you will know how to deal with it for the right way.

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