Monday, June 25, 2007

My Reality My Creation

When there is no Out there and I'm responsible for everything created in my life, what did I asked for that Rou's dad got the cancer again. What do i want to experience.
Frankly speaking all i tok at 1st was backing out, why the hell did this happened, why did it happened to me, am i obliged to help, etc etc etc. Not including all the future "reality" which i came up with.

My girl was doing much better than me at that time, she pondered about the question which i phased out in the 1st paragraph. Now i can see how am i responsible for this creation.
I always hope that they can improve their dietary and their health, which was made possible when they see what it did to their dad. Its for myself to remember the importance of health. Coz of her dad, i got back on supplements, conscious choice of meals and exercise regularly. It starts me back on the route of self-consciousness. It got me to see my own reflection and to look at Uncle as a cute person.

I'm thankful for what happened.
Thank you God, thank you uncle

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