Monday, July 6, 2009

Top 30 benefits for becoming a Baldy

  1. Discourage gambling in your presence (Chinese belief of 输光光)

  2. Brings laughter to your close one and yourself. Always great to have more laugther.

  3. Always a place ready for you in monastery if you ever need a place to sleep.

  4. Promote intimacy as many will love to touch your head (Niki can't get her hands off it)

  5. Reduce shyness for people with cancer and hair loss as you show them that there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

  6. Save money on cutting hair regularly

  7. Reduce time preparing hair (no hair to begin with)

  8. Your head becomes infinitely grateful to you as you save it from all the detergents which you wash your hair with.

  9. Save the electricity needed to blow dry your hair

  10. Non-stop interviews on why you shaved your head

  11. Increase self esteem as you did it for a cause

  12. People think that you are courageous even if you have not done anything which you thought was courageous before

  13. You become a good scratch reliever with your head for your close ones

  14. You gain a weapon to ward off enemies by intimating them with your pointy shaved head.

  15. Possibility of getting donations from people on the street for mistaken identity. (I promise I will donate it out if I get any)

  16. Becomes too cute to handle

  17. Invite opportunity to pass your smile around from occasional stares. Makes the world a better place

  18. You gain new experience and sensation from your head that you never had

  19. You feels good for looking so good

  20. You acquire a Zen look

  21. You lose weight from the loss of hair

  22. Get free food in Thailand? (Not sure about this... haven't tried)

  23. You gain immediate membership to the League of Bald-headed people which its members include Steve Ballmer, Michael Jordan, Randy Gange, Jean Luc Picard (Star Trek), Bruce Willis, Olympic swimmer Michael Klim and many other similar ones who have styles

  24. You obtains a new identity - Bald Man!

  25. You look smarter since your forehead looks wider

  26. You gain new perspective on baldness (never try never know)

  27. You gain empathy and respect for bald people

  28. You gain exclusive privilege to spend the awareness around

  29. You are granted exemption from bad hair day

  30. Troublemakers want to avoid you as they wonder whether you are from Shaolin Temple.

So are you excited to become a baldy now? It will be fun.

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