Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In the presence of beauty

I was looking at the trees in the park this morning when I felt a sudden rush of chill in my body. It is then I realized I am at the awe of the simple beauty in front of me. Immediately my mind went into autopilot and started to think of a word to explain the feeling. What is the beauty? Why is it beautiful? What attracted me to think that it is a beauty? It is then the feeling which I had at first started to diminish. It is the act of explaining it with mind which takes the sensation away. After understanding it, I was able to hold on to the sensation so much longer. Just immense myself in it without explaining why I feel it. In life, our human's vocabulary is so limited to explain every feeling we have.

'In the presence of beauty, there is no need to describe. Enjoy the feelings and embrace it. Then all is good'

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